I make love, not war. ♥
My name is Samantha Lynn Laramie,
I'm short, nice, and super shy. I love to sing, write poetry, and draw. I'm a very open person. I am absolutly obssesed with nature, I like being around tree's more than I do people. For some reason they make me really happy. I don't drink or do drugs, I try my hardest in everything I do, even if it seems impossible at the moment. I'm a complete animal lover, I've been a vegetarian for several years. I love penguins, owls, and cats. I am engaged to my boyfriend of four years. He means so much to me and he has made a huge impact on my life, along with many others. Talk to me, I don't bite. ♥

Oh my.

I get on this after almost a year, go through my blog and I can’t believe how  much I’ve changed.

I had my first orientation today for my job at Greenpeace! It was really fucking awesome, I’m beyond excited to start working. I have my first real day of work tomorrow, I’m going out on the street to help raise donations and awareness about our environment. I can literally go on for the rest of the night telling you what I’ve been learning about and what I’ll be be talking baout to people. It’s amazing that I have a job doing this, I already tell people about this kind of stuff and I’m so passionate about our world and the animals. I’m so happy, I really can’t believe that this is my job. I get to raise awareness about the things I truely care about and tell the truth.. and I get paid for this? What!? My job is doing what I already do, but in a bigger and better way!
I don’t think you guys will understand just how asdfghjkl.. I can’t even..


I have red/brunette hair.

I’m a Ginger.

Anonymous asked:
You have the sexiest legs and feet on the internet! You are such a beautiful woman! What a lucky boyfriend you have. More leg and feet pictures!

After I paint my toe nails.

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I can’t wait to get another dachshund.
I got all dressed up to go out for the first time being 18, and my plans got ruined. I hardly ever look this good.
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Good luck with college.(:

Thank you!

Guys. <3

I’m starting community college soon, not a big deal but it’s my first step to becoming a veterinary technician. I’m really exciting! And since I just turned 18 I’m getting my medical card.
For those of you who don’t already know, I have arthritis in my knees and marijuana helps it.
I’m hoping in a couple years when I start my career my knees will be better. :)
I’m also getting a job soon, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get a place with my older sister. I’m supposed to move to Vegas soon but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that, especially since I don’t like seeing half naked chicks anywhere.. your body isn’t meant for everybody to see! I’ll figure out the details later. :)
Okay, bye guys!

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